New technologies enable people to do things with location data they couldn’t do before.

Geoscape delivers the power of location to every business, enabling you to make better sense of the world.

Geoscape data describes Australia’s economically important infrastructure – buildings, real estate, transport networks and more – and it’s kept up to date as the nation changes.

Whether you need data on addresses, buildings, solar panels, land parcels, roads, railways or something else, we make it easy to access.

And we’ll get as granular as you need – from national data to a small area of interest.

Geoscape location data is reliable, affordable and accessible. It powers deeper analysis and smarter processes for noise modelling, urban planning, property development, emergency management, telecommunications, government service delivery and more.

It also enables data producers to reach data-hungry enterprises, turning their location data into a revenue stream, or a powerhouse for public good.

Geoscape is built on the expertise Australian businesses and governments have relied on for decades. It’s new, but not born yesterday. See where we’ve come from.