Geoscape Release 7 features new regional centres

Geoscape® Release 7 represents the latest improvements to our flagship product, incorporating customer feedback and input. Originally released in December 2016 as a dataset which captured the built environment of Adelaide, rural South Australia and Canberra, Geoscape is nearing product maturity to cover the entire Australian continent. Our ongoing product improvements are the result of […]

How does Geoscape ‘see’ surface cover?

Surface cover is one of three themes contained within Geoscape®. The other two are buildings and trees. Geoscape combines advances in satellite imagery, machine learning and big data processing to create a digital representation of Australia’s built environment. It’s the first time location-based information and data analytics capability have been combined and made available in […]

Geoscape Release 3: PSMA extends location intelligence further across the continent

Image shows building footprints in Perth CBD as described by Geoscape. The rollout of location intelligence for the Australian continent’s 7.6 million square kilometres continues with Release 3 of Geoscape® by PSMA. Geoscape is an analytics-ready, built environment dataset providing location-based insights for every address in Australia. It combines advances in satellite imagery, machine learning […]

Putting New Opportunities on the Map

The pace of technological change never fails to amaze. Within a decade, mobile phones have been transformed from voice and text-based communication devices to indispensable personal assistants. Fast forward another 10 years and we’ll likely be controlling most of our physical environment with voice commands. Your car might even drive itself. Not long ago, creating […]

Sydney data for Geoscape available now!

With the back drop of Locate17 in Sydney, PSMA Australia has today officially launched Geoscape and released the highly-anticipated Sydney dataset. In a world-first, Geoscape enables Australian organisations to make better decisions using location-based insights that were previously too costly or time consuming for most businesses to access. The current data release includes: Sydney – […]

Geoscape has arrived!

Today marks the availability of Geoscape with Adelaide, rural South Australia and ACT datasets now available.  PSMA is applying emerging technologies at an unprecedented scale to deliver an enhanced understanding of what exists at every address across Australia – this is a world-first for whole of continent data collection of this quality and scope. The first release […]

PSMA Australia and DigitalGlobe accelerate continent-scale mapping

DigitalGlobe and PSMA Australia will accelerate operations to map the entirety of the man-made environment across the Australian continent using DigitalGlobe’s ‘Geospatial Big Data platform’ (GBDX). A new follow-on contract has been awarded to DigitalGlobe to deploy the GBDX and realise PSMA Australia’s award winning Geoscape initiative. The GBDX will analyse satellite imagery and crowdsourced data to map and characterise the […]

Geoscape ACT iAward winner!

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory – 29 June 2016 – The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has today announced the iAwards territory winners and merit recipients in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for 2016. The iAwards is Australia’s leading awards program for innovation in the digital economy. Entrants competed in five base award categories across Business […]