Geoscape among first to leverage WorldView-4 satellite imagery

DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4 satellite

WorldView-4, a satellite owned and operated by DigitalGlobe, was launched into space on 11 November 2016 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, USA and PSMA Australia’s CEO, Dan Paull, was there to witness it.

PSMA is excited to have been the first of DigitalGlobe’s commercial customers to take advantage of the high-accuracy, high-resolution satellite imagery from WorldView-4. We’re using it to further build Geoscape®, our digital representation of the Australian continent’s built environment.

Very high-resolution, multi-spectral imagery from powerful satellites is a key component of the building of Geoscape.

Read more about how DigitalGlobe’s satellite constellation and electromagnetic spectral analysis helps PSMA’s Geoscape ‘see’ surface cover.

WorldView-4 has the capacity to add 680,000 square kilometres of satellite imagery to DigitalGlobe’s library per day. That expanded image collection capacity greatly enhances PSMA’s ability to regularly update Geoscape data, particularly land cover, elevation, and tree and building heights, to meet the needs of our customers and more accurately reflect the changing Australian built environment.

Having access to precise and updated information about the built environment is critical for a number of industries in Australia, including for urban and infrastructure planning, emergency management and business intelligence.

Geoscape Release 3 saw the number of buildings captured by Geoscape more than double to 7.2 million and when coverage of the Australian continent is complete, Geoscape is expected to contain 20 million buildings mapped to geocoded addresses. The advance of Geoscape coverage of the continent will continue with Release 4, expected in October 2017.

Check for progress updates on the national rollout of Geoscape.

DigitalGlobe’s ability to image the Earth supports PSMA’s innovative Geoscape, which is providing location insights for every address in the country including building footprints and heights, rooftop materials, solar panels, swimming pools and more, delivered to suit location-enabled analytics and 3D mapping tools.

Dan Paull, CEO PSMA Australia at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California  for WorldView-4 launch

For further information

Further information on Geoscape can be found here and by viewing our on-demand Geoscape Overview webinar.

A Geoscape Sample Dataset is also available for direct download. It covers an area of approximately 85 square kilometres that includes the South Australian township of Freeling and a surrounding rural area.