Geoscape Release 3: PSMA extends location intelligence further across the continent

Image shows building footprints in Perth CBD as described by Geoscape.

The rollout of location intelligence for the Australian continent’s 7.6 million square kilometres continues with Release 3 of Geoscape® by PSMA.

Geoscape is an analytics-ready, built environment dataset providing location-based insights for every address in Australia. It combines advances in satellite imagery, machine learning and big data processing to create a digital representation of Australia’s built environment.

Geoscape captures building footprints and heights, roof construction, surface cover, tree heights, the presence of solar panels and swimming pools and more, and links them to a geocoded address.

Due to its vast scale and sophistication, PSMA has staged the rollout of Geoscape. With Release 3, the number of buildings represented in Geoscape has more than doubled to over 7.2 million and coverage now includes:

  • Perth
  • Launceston; and
  • Cairns.

For up-to-date detail on Geoscape’s coverage and future release dates and locations, view the interactive Geoscape Rollout Map.

Geoscape enables Australian organisations to make better decisions using location-based insights that were previously difficult to obtain. PSMA’s partners are using Geoscape to drive new possibilities for insight and optimisation across various industries.

Geoscape is available through the PSMA Australia partner network – a select group of expert organisations that can help create powerful solutions for your business. Speak with one of our partners to gain access to geospatial insights.

A Geoscape Sample Dataset is also available for direct download. The sample covers an area of approximately 85 square kilometres that includes the South Australian township of Freeling and a surrounding rural area.

Geoscape provides unparalleled coverage of the Australian built environment, delivered to suit location-enabled analytics and 3D mapping tools. To learn more, view our on-demand webinar.