Callpoint Spatial is a versatile provider of raw and value-added Geoscape data.  We have been delivering geospatial products and services since 2000.

Callpoint Spatial

Phone: (03) 9670 1212

Location: Level 13, 200 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Callpoint Spatial’s many years of experience with Geoscape data is reflected in our capability to tailor packages to meet your specific needs.  Our capability is built on three pillars:

  • in-depth technical understanding
  • our data integration and production platform
  • licensing expertise.

Some of the industries that have benefited from our expertise include telecommunications, real estate, government, professional services, media, software, research and education. We have also supported several start-ups to on-board with Geoscape data.

We license the full suite of raw PSMA data

If your needs are met by raw PSMA data, we can license:

  • Geoscape
  • CadLite
  • G-NAF
  • Transport & Topography
  • Postcode Boundaries
  • Administrative Boundaries

We offer enhanced Geoscape data

Many of Callpoint Spatial’s customers license our value-added Geoscape Buildings, Trees and Surface Cover data.  Some of our products simplify access to commonly needed portions of Geoscape data. Others are joins between multiple Geoscape datasets (sometimes requiring significant spatial analysis during production).  We also perform numerous data enhancements including third party data integration. In all these cases, our value-added products are designed to save you time and resources. Some examples include:

  • add a Residential indicator (sourced from Geoscape) to G-NAF
  • add G-NAF address information to Cadlite
  • add Australia Post PAF DPID to G-NAF

Callpoint’s refined and automated geospatial production processes enable us to deliver refreshed value-added datasets early in the update cycle.

File Formats include:

  • GIS such as Shapefile, File Geodatabase and TAB
  • Database such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server backup

How Geoscape data is used

We provide Geoscape Buildings, Trees and Surface Cover and enhanced spatial datasets to:

  • Customers that use the data for their internal business purposes; and
  • Businesses that embed spatial data into a software or web-based application they developed to meet an identified market opportunity. These businesses are known as Secondary Resellers

Web services

We offer web services focused on address handling:

  • In-depth address validation and geocoding
  • Reverse geocoding

Our web services are deployed from Australian data centres.

AQ Pro telco platform

Callpoint Spatial has a strong telecommunications heritage. Our specialised AQ Pro platform helps Australian fixed-line broadband providers and nbn resellers through:

  • Service Prequalification across multiple last mile technologies including nbn and fibre.
  • Features to identify new opportunities, for instance, the businesses that are expected to become active on the nbn within the next 30 days and those that became active the previous week.
  • Identifying business tenants in buildings that were recently lit – for telcos that offer their own fibre services.
  • Comprehensive and regularly updated nbn statistics, to help with telco planning processes.