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At GapMaps, we amalgamate, blend and present data through our simple and powerful mapping and analytics platform to make data meaningful for our clients.

GapMaps is a simple and intuitive web-based platform that helps businesses with market value analytics for fact-based decisions. We offer:

  • Statistics & Census Data
  • Industry Data
  • Global and Regional Insights
  • Smart Phone Locational Data
  • Network strategy
  • Demographic and mapping services
  • Powerful tools to monitor competitor network movements

GapMaps is a cloud-hosted application built on a sophisticated mapping platform, overlayed with powerful and relevant industry, demographic, government and mobile device data. We give our clients the power to develop and refine their network distribution strategies.


We make data meaningful. Our expertise lies in collating meaningful data for our clients through our easy-to-use platform. The platform can be tailored for each client to ensure the data they require is available to make strategic and fact-based decisions. With our easy to navigate, smart dashboards and multiple-login ability, our platform can be used by anyone in the team.

Some of our powerful modules include:

  • Network Planning: View and manage current, closed and future locations
  • Demographics: De-risk new site assessments with statistical population data like household expenditure, income, age-banding and population densities and many other demographic and market relevant variables
  • Trade Area: Understand trade potential in a proposed location with specific determinants of trade
  • Drive Time: Identify convenience-based catchment areas
  • GapFinder: Rapidly identify and prioritise opportunities for new locations
  • TenantFinder: Identify brands in a specific retail category which don’t have a presence in a target catchment area
  • Network Reports: See who’s opening and closing stores in a single report
  • Latest & Updated Data: All our data is refreshed and updated regularly to achieve the highest accuracy.

We give a competitive edge to our clients with opportunities for growth of existing distribution networks and fact-based identification of new opportunities.

We also work with clients to develop their own confidential mapping insights based on client, industry and government data.

How Geoscape data is used

Data is displayed thematically through the GapMaps platform and can be used alongside client, industry, census and other datasets.

We combine Geoscape data with our datasets and modules for personalised solutions.

We’re a global brand with a presence in:

  • Australia – with offices in Melbourne and Sydney
  • New Zealand
  • Middle-East
  • South-East Asia



Industries we help to grow:

  • Banking
  • Retail Trade
  • Urban Planning
  • FMCG
  • Hospitality
  • Infrastructure & Transport
  • Petroleum
  • Real Estate
  • Health & Social Care
  • State & Local Government
  • Finance & Insurance.