Sensing Value re-shapes decision making on cities and regions, services and environmental outcomes and is focused on being vision led, human centered and technology enabled. Their insights on people and place inform both public sector and private sector organisations to thrive and create value in a digitally disrupted world.

Sensing Value

Phone: +61 404 467 586

Location: Level 9, 401 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Sydney, Melbourne


Sensing Value Pty Ltd is a new business venture that integrates data from the physical world (natural environment, built form, physical topography) with data on people (demography, socio-economic, jobs, how people use and move through cities in their role as workers, residents, visitors or students) with sensor data from the emerging IoT to improve city functioning, quality of life and environmental outcomes.

Sensing Value adds value to Geoscape data with the development of a range of analytical models and visualisation tools. Sensing Value builds 3D models incorporating Geoscape data and population mobility data to provide governments with unprecedented scenario modelling capabilities to better inform decision making across all aspects of planning and management.

Sensing Value is affiliated with the Institute for Choice, a research arm of the University of South Australia with a focus on choice modelling, preference analytics and applied insights into human decision making. Our eco-system also includes academic experts at Deakin University with extensive experience in environmental and energy analytics, urban planning and city design.

Sensing Value provides both consultancy services and bespoke solutions that incorporate Geoscape data.



  • Urban Planning
  • Smart City diagnostics and solution design
  • Telecommunications/5G network planning
  • Health
  • Community Services
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Services
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Tourism