MapData Services

MapData Services Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of ESRI Australia, has been developing geospatial databases and hosting online map-based applications since 1997.

Map Data Services (MDS) mapping data product suite is the perfect data source for all your mapping and spatial solution needs, incorporating high-quality Geoscape Australia and LINZ New Zealand source information and MDS’s value-added components.

  • MDS RoadNET is available in varying levels of detail, including routing attribute and geocoding options that provide users with the highest levels of street network coverage which is being constantly updated and maintained.
  • Australia / New Zealand address points.
  • Australia / New Zealand cadastral parcels.
  • Comprehensive administrative boundaries, including MDS’s Suburb/locality boundaries and MDS Post Code boundaries.
  • MDS Points of Interest.
  • MDS flagship QuickLocate geocoder, for either desktop or server-deployed geocoding applications.
  • MDS Foundation Map provides a raster tile backdrop for all popular GIS environments, enabling you to focus on the information you wish to display.


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How Geoscape data is used?

MDS online technology is available via web services and APIs, allowing you to build your own applications. Maps, geocodes, street routes and multi waypoints are available. Base-map data is updated on a quarterly basis, providing you with all the best quality mapping data, seamlessly updated. MDS’s web services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are hosted at MDS’s own high-availability facility.

Additional services include:

  • Hosted online store/outlet locators (MDS Locator Intelligence) covering online trips or travel planners and safe driving plans for long-distance transport.
  • Risk Frontiers Natural Hazards Risk Ratings by street address, providing “threat by peril” risk ratings for individual Australian properties.
  • Online geocoding and validation service using G-NAF or street centreline address ranges.
  • Tactician Online (demographics), territory creation and management.
  • GPS vehicle tracking services.
  • GIS-based Route Optimisation services.
  • Mobile phone application for use with iPhones, Smartphones and Personal Navigation Devices (PND).
  • Google Enterprise Maps reseller and integrator.
  • Microsoft Bing Maps reseller and integrator.
  • Professional Services.

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