Success Stories

Wind modelling

Buildings data increases productivity in wind modelling

WindTech are Australian leaders in wind modelling and the analysis of wind effects. They create models of buildings and measure how they move in wind tunnel testing. Geoscape buildings data simplified and automated their previously manual process.

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Address verification

APIs deliver address data integrity for EWON

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW uses Geoscape APIs to prevent address errors being typed into its online complaints form, support its reporting obligations and deliver customer support programs.

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Noise modelling

Geoscape helps GHD reduce cost of noise modelling by 50%

GHD developed noise models for Australian Industrial Energy to identify areas affected by the proposed Port Kembla Gas Terminal and estimates using Geoscape cut the cost of producing a noise model by at least 50 per cent.

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Urban planning

Greater Launceston builds smart cities

Sensing Value seamlessly combined Geoscape data, including building footprints, heights, trees and surface cover, with other data in digital city models to revolutionise regulatory development. It enables local councils to simulate how land use planning decisions will affect the future functioning of Launceston.

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Business analytics

Location intelligence helps Pitney Bowes build deeper customer relationships

Location intelligence enables businesses to identify, locate and communicate with customers. Pitney Bowes understands technology is a springboard to business growth and incorporated Geoscape® data into GeoVision™ to help clients navigate global commerce with precision and accuracy and build deeper, more profitable relationships with their customers.

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