How Geoscape enabled advanced wind engineering consultancy, WindTech

Wind engineering consultancy, WindTech, are Australian leaders in wind modelling and the analysis of wind effects. Their wind tunnel studies follow a rigorous process involving the scale construction of each study area’s physical location and surrounds. The subsequent wind analysis delivers advice with unmatched accuracy.

WindTech’s services have informed over 2,500 projects since 1991, including landmark developments around the world. They’ve always been future-focused, looking for new technologies to optimise their processes.

Challenge: Increase efficiency by decreasing manual labour

For some time, WindTech had wanted to improve the way they modelled buildings and surrounding areas. The team were collating building footprints and heights from various sources before manually drawing the model designs used in the analysis — a laborious process.

WindTech knew there must be a better way: using accurate data from a single source. High-quality data would accelerate production of their models by integrating into their process with one click.

Solution: Data that fits and improves WindTech’s processes

Marcel Bray, Project Engineer at WindTech, heard about Geoscape from a colleague at acoustics engineering firm Renzo Tonin.

What he found caught his attention. With Geoscape, WindTech can select the data attributes and exact area they need for each project. The data is delivered via a Shapefile which, after some initial configuration, now integrates into their process with a single click.

The attributes that are most important to WindTech are building outlines and heights. Geoscape packages these attributes, giving WindTech exactly what they need to create an accurate model of the buildings they’re testing.

WindTech’s team went through the data with a fine-tooth comb and found it was up to standard.

“It was easy to see they had the specific geographical and building data we needed and their pricing, file formats and delivery processes were all clearly communicated,” Bray said. “It was quite clear their product would integrate into our processes easily and effectively.”

In Geoscape, WindTech have not only found data they can use easily, but also a trusted partner. Before committing, WindTech detailed exactly what data they needed and received a sample Shapefile to test. This test confirmed that Geoscape was a great fit for the way they worked.

“The Geoscape team visited our facilities and worked with us to determine the data and format that would best fit our process. I feel we’re in strong hands with them,” said Bray. “I know the design engineering team will make this product meet every demand we have.”

Outcome: Saving of at least 3 hours per project: Productivity up, manual labour down

While Geoscape is relatively new for WindTech, they’ve already seen their team’s productivity lift. The data has simplified the process of gathering building outlines and heights. Now the team need only review the data and add it to their files before sending them off to be printed, plotted, cut and constructed, creating the building models that underpin WindTech’s analysis.

“The team who are using it are happy to have swapped out the monotonous manual work with just the click of a button,” Bray said.

Future plans

Working with Geoscape, WindTech is exploring future methods of integration and data improvements.

“We’re excited about the new Geoscape features that will allow us to select the areas of data we want to import, and then purchase just what we need via our subscription tier,” Bray said. “This is all exciting stuff.”

Words of advice

“If you need fast accumulation of data for GIS, Geoscape is the way to go. The communication has always been spot on and any questions I’ve had have been dealt with quickly and effectively.”

Marcel Bray, Project Engineer at Windtech Consultants