Who we are

We’re a critical collaborator, delivering spatial data to enable economic, social and environmental outcomes across the economy. Our vision is achieved through a wide and sustained ecosystem of partnerships and collaboration.
Geoscape Australia is the trading name of PSMA Australia Limited, a self-funded public company owned by Australia’s governments.

What we do

We take the guesswork out of location. Geoscape is the digital Australia – a comprehensive representation of our built environment. It describes the addresses, land, buildings and transport networks across Australia’s 7.6 million km2. We continuously source, process and deliver data to various endpoints, including APIs and a self-service portal.

The evolution of Geoscape Australia

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Era 1

From 2001 to 2007, we responded to demand for national location data and built datasets from content held by the governments of Australia. These included G-NAF, Administrative Boundaries, Transport and Topography, CadLite and Points of Interest.

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Era 2

We then integrated location data themes into a single model for consistency and improved data integrity for spatial objects and their attributes. New data delivery mechanisms–web services and online access improved operational efficiency and customer experience.

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Era 3

From 2015, Geoscape era saw us create datasets using private sector sources. We transformed our technology to automate continuous data processing and enable a self-serve customer portal and transactional delivery of data via APIs. Starting 2022 we moved to providing end-to-end managed service for location data.

Where we're from.

In 1992, the Public Sector Mapping Agency submitted a proposal for a national digital basemap for the 1996 Census. And we were born. We were incorporated in 2001 and tasked with coordinating, assembling and delivering national spatial datasets.

Our heritage lies in addressing, having produced the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) since 2004. It’s Australia’s centralised, comprehensive address register. We now use Agile methodologies to meet demand for currency, speed and flexibility in the delivery of location intelligence in the modern data economy.

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    Public Sector Mapping Agency proposes national digital basemap for the 1996 Census

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    Census is run with unprecedented quality, speed and cost efficiency

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    Incorporation of PSMA Australia Limited

    CadLite Launched

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    Administrive Boundaries dataset released

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    G-NAF released

    Transport & Topography released

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    Online data delivery begins

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    Land tenure dataset released

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    National Address Management Framework launched using G-NAF as the standard

    G-NAF used to deliver 2011 Census

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    Geoscape buildings project design commenced

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    Open data release of G-NAF and Administrative Boundaries by Commenwealth Government

    First release of Geoscape buildings dataset

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    APIs offered in Developer Portal

    National coverage of Geoscape buildings achieved

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    Geoscape Data on Demand launched

    Continuous data platform automates data processing

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    Dean Capobianco appointed CEO of Geoscape

    Product unbundled : CadLite to Cadastre, Property and Planning; Administrative Boundaries into 7 products

    Partnered with award-winning artificial intelligence company, GeoX, to use machine vision and deep learning technology to enhance its 3D digital maps of Australia

    Geoscape Buildings 3.0 launched

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    Introduced Geoscape end-to-end Managed Service built upon our Continuous Data Platform (CPD) for customers looking for a customised solution or are interested in creating a workflow to use Geoscape’s data within their production environment.


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