Why businesses prefer Geoscape’s address verification APIs

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Enhanced customer experience

Optimise your end-to-end customer experience with our address validation APIs that populate address fields based on progressive customer input, correct grammatical errors & provide immediate, up-to-date location details for item pick up or delivery.

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Reduced operational costs

Cut the cost of shipping errors, lost packages, identity checking and more caused by address data inaccuracies. Plus, reduce the daily cost of ensuring data hygiene.

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Clean customer databases

Cross-check your new and existing customer data against our database of 17 million+ addresses from official sources to ensure a clean, accurate & comprehensive customer database.

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Customer insights & business intelligence

Anonymise and aggregate your customer address data for location-enabled segmentation and analysis. Make it easier to derive valuable, actionable insights from your customer data.

>50,000 = the number of address changes across Australia in the last 3 months, resulting in :


potential issues validating a customer’s address


possibilities for customer frustration and loss of business


potential delays and cost in time and resources

Address validation features

Real-Time Address Autocomplete

Address autocomplete enables customers to find their address faster and validates the data as they enter it. With fast response times and intelligent matching to correct input errors, our autocomplete feature reduces form abandonment and increases conversion rates.

Built-In Address Verification

Mistakes are common when entering addresses. Prevent customer errors from polluting your address database. Integrate address validation into your online forms to collect real, clean and structured address data from your customers.

Trustworthy Dataset 

With our dataset of over 17 million addresses updated daily from reputable sources including G-NAF, you can feel confident in the accuracy and reliability of our address validation APIs.


Easy Integration

Geoscape’s address validation APIs integrate quickly and easily into web and mobile applications.

  • "Now we’re getting accurate address data in the first customer interaction, it’s saving everyone a lot of time."

    – Vladislav Munteanu - ACT Government
  • "The benefit of the API is we don’t have to touch the source data – all changes including geographic boundaries are done for us."

    – Janine Young - Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

Take your organisation to the next level of efficiency with address verification services.

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