Delivering products and services requires customer identity and delivery location to be validated. Address verification is essential for getting a product to the right place or service to the right person.

But addresses change daily across Australia. New addresses are created, existing addresses are updated, and some are retired. It’s hard to keep up. Geoscape address verification enables you to easily validate the address data you collect against daily updated and trusted sources.

With the Geoscape address verification service, you can reduce the cost of developing and maintaining applications that rely on accurate address data. It helps eliminate the time you spend manually correcting address errors, or dealing with the problems they cause.

Combine address verification with geocoding of addresses and address data enrichment to power location-based reporting and support decision-making.


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What can you access?

Predictive API

This address validation service can be embedded in online forms. It enables customers and staff to select an address from a list that is suggested to them as they type. The address fields in the form are autocompleted for the user. And the address data stored in your system is structured and verified.

The API also adds geographic coordinates to each address so they can be plotted on a map.

Upfront, automated address verification prevents data entry errors from entering your systems. Eliminate data issues with address validation at the point of entry.


Batch Processing

Batch address processing takes a large address collection and cleans it by inserting missing information and correcting typos and alias names. It validates the addresses against known addresses from trusted sources.

The process confirms if your customer-supplied addresses are real and correct after they’ve entered your system. The output data is standardised and includes geographic coordinates for each address to enable location-based analysis.

With Batch processing, you can clean your database and avoid the cost of using invalid address data.

Access Geoscape Address Verification Services


Geoscape APIs enable secure machine-to-machine verification of address data in the moment you need it. Access them via tiered subscription plans for commercial use. 

Connect for live query and instant response.


  • JSON
  • GeoJSON


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Batch Cleansing

Clean and validate your address database.


  • CSV file (comma-delimited text)


Custom Enquiry

When you need something a bit different.





How can you use Geoscape Address Verification?


Embed predictive text and autocomplete in your online forms for license or grant applications and other service requests. Make entering addresses simple and fast for users and prevent data errors from entering your systems.


Ensure the address data you collect at student enrolment is accurate. Verify it as it’s entered in your system or via bulk address cleansing. Avoid the expense and potential mishaps from using inaccurate data.


Use address verification with daily updated data to verify a customer’s identity before providing a service. Ensure technicians can find a site to establish or inspect a service connection, especially in new areas.

Banking and Finance

Improve regulatory compliance. Embed upfront, automated address verification in your processes to help confirm the individuals you interact with are who they say they are. It’s seamless, scalable and secure. 

  • Demo of autocomplete address verification

Case Study - Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW ensures accurate address data is typed into its online form and improved complaints handling with Geoscape address verification.


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How is Geoscape address verification built?

Longstanding supply agreements with Australia’s state and territory governments ensure we receive fresh address data as follows.

  • Daily: ACT, NSW, WA, QLD, NT
  • Weekly: SA, TAS, VIC

We use this to produce Australia’s most trusted national address dataset – the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF), which includes more than 15.2 million physical addresses.

You can choose to validate the address data you collect against G-NAF, G-NAF Live or a dataset containing all mailing addresses in Australia. Or validate against all three at once.

No personal information is held in the data.