Banking industry solutions

Identify performance patterns and take data-driven decisions

Identify risks and prevent fraud

Optimise branch and ATM locations

Forecast and respond to changing markets

Maximise investment impact

Leverage location data to target high potential customers

Create personalised experiences for your ever-changing customers

Better data = Best results

How you can use location data


Environmental & social responsibility

With increasingly challenging and complex changes, from global health crises and environmental and climatological changes to economic inequalities, your organisation needs spatially driven strategies to navigate successfully.

Location data brings business intelligence that is key to increasing the impact of your social responsibilities, from addressing supply chain risks to creating a sustainable future for local and global communities.


Location-driven customer insights

Financial services providers have immense consumer data, from their purchasing history to credit card records but many organisations still find it near impossible to derive valuable insights from this data.

Location intelligence makes it possible to integrate disparate data streams. Use location data to eliminate data noise and understand specific driven customer patterns thus revealing high potential customers, valuable hidden market opportunities and key insights.

Bid data digital optimisation

Digital optimisation

With customers expecting more seamless, personalised, and digitised customer experiences from banks and financial institutions, it becomes pivotal to move beyond traditional market knowledge and processes. Location data plays an integral role in the banking and financial sector.

Using location intelligence combined with existing traditional customer data, you can instantly respond to changing consumer needs and market conditions to optimise your offerings. 

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Geoscape products

Geoscape Data Products

Our products such as Geoscape Buildings, Addresses, Land Parcels and Transport provide a digital representation across Australia’s 7.6 million km2

Geoscape Delivery Services and APIs

Ensure the most accurate and daily updated address data, add address autocomplete to your forms and access ready-to-use buildings data.

Geoscape Custom Data Solution

Get the flexibility to access specific, reliable, and valuable location data tailored to your use. You can access daily updated spatial data you need – when you need it.

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    ‘Making authentic data accessible and meaningful for all is our passion.’

    – Dean Capobianco, CEO, Geoscape Australia
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    Combine our datasets to gain a more holistic understanding of what is present at a given location.

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    We can validate your customer address data and enrich it so that you can better understand your market and new growth opportunities.

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Copyright notice 1 – Created using aerial imagery © Aerometrex Ltd 2022, and Geoscape Buildings, Geoscape Solar and Geoscape G-NAF © Geoscape Australia 2022 Copyright and Disclaimer Notice.

Copyright notice 2 –  Created using aerial imagery © Aerometrex Ltd 2022, and Geoscape Buildings, Geoscape Solar and Geoscape G-NAF © Geoscape Australia 2022 Copyright and Disclaimer Notice.