Access reliable location data

Pipelines, storage, grids and other infrastructure for gas, electricity, water and renewables need to reach every corner of the continent. Utility and energy companies have been using traditional GIS (Geographic Information System) for network planning and mapping for years. 

The kind of insights from location data available now is immense. It impacts nearly every aspect of the energy and utility industry — from environmental compliance efforts to maintenance programs, from plant operations to renewable energy initiatives. Reliable and accurate location data is central to decision-making for the energy and utility industry.  

Apply location intelligence to:

Assess risk, cost and potential performance of your investments

Better understand your customer’s needs and behaviour

Manage assets and plan networking

Drive data-driven decision making

Identify climate disaster risk using risk modelling

Respond to the ever-changing environment, population fluctuations and advancing technology

Smart location data to drive decisions

Scale and reduce time with Location Intelligence

Optimise asset planning and management

To effectively plan, manage and optimise an extensive network of assets or infrastructure, you need valuable insights about the surrounding built environment and population changes. You can’t visit every location in Australia, but Geoscape can.  

Better assess the risk, cost and potential performance of your investments in hydro, wind or solar. Create digital twins to digitise your assets (or potential infrastructure) within the built environment using the latest location data. 

Enabling better customer experiences with Location Intelligence

Make customer-centric decisions

In a competitive landscape, your customers expect services where and when they need them. By understanding your customer’s needs using location data insights and analysis, you can improve communications, plan for more strategic services and streamline customer experiences.  

Address validation using reliable location data is just one way to automate and optimise the customer experience. Reduce manual errors and further grow your reputation. 

Trend mapping and visualisation with location intelligrence

Manage the impacts of climate change

Modelling is now necessary to identify the potential risk of extreme weather events. Use location intelligence to assess high-risk buildings or heritage sites with the potential to be damaged by high-voltage assets in flood or fire zones. 

Model the natural and built environment to determine where people are likely to live in the future. Healthy communities need access to resilient and sustainable sources of water and energy. Use location insights to innovate, reduce emissions and protect natural assets. 

Location intelligence for Energy and Utilities

Enhanced solar marketing

Get an accurate picture of Australian addresses with or without solar panels to help prospect both residential and commercial customers. Market solar batteries and other solar solutions to the right potential customers. 

Use detailed roof data to provide quotes without needing a site visit. Provide customer insights into broader solar energy usage in their area. 

Location intelligence for Energy and Utilities

Better forecast energy usage

Forecast and analyse demand and energy usage to support sustainable energy planning and related activities. 

Define your model for data analytics using location data at the core to support insights-based decision-making. 

Location intelligence for Energy and Utilities

Improve your environment and social responsibility

In an increasingly complex world, businesses have a greater responsibility to influence positive change for customers, communities and the environment. On your path to net zero, there are opportunities to transition to wind, solar, hydro, batteries, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage.  

Geoscape products

Geoscape Data Products

Our products such as Geoscape Buildings, Addresses and Land Parcels provide a digital representation across Australia’s 7.6 million km2.  

Geoscape Delivery Services and APIs

Ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date address data, add address autocomplete to your forms and access ready-to-use buildings data. 

Geoscape Custom Data Solution

Get the flexibility to access specific, reliable and valuable location data tailored to your needs. You can access the spatial data you need, when you need it. 

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