Location intelligence to shape Australia’s future

Government decisions lacking a local perspective rarely translate to on-the-ground success, whereas the policies, services and programs built on an understanding of where and how Australians work, live and play deliver exactly what’s needed.  

Every industry, from insurance to real estate, benefits from knowing the exact location surrounding a decision. Government agencies rely on this as almost every interaction revolves around an address. Be it for managing emergencies, understanding the threat posed by climate change, modelling infrastructure or reducing the barrier to interaction with the public at large, location intelligence plays an important role.  

Geoscape’s location data combines high-resolution aerial and satellite images with machine learning and the latest in AI (artificial intelligence) to extract features from the imagery that delivers both vector and raster data themes. The data goes through a rigorous process of engineering, harmonising and refinements and then is integrated and packaged for the end user. 

With Geoscape, the Australian government has access to: 

  • 16million+ Buildings
  • 15million+ Addresses
  • 17million+ Land Parcels
  • 1.9million+ Swimming Pools
  • 1.8million+ Solar Panel installations
  • 2.3million+ Kms of Roads


Digitally enabled government—Reliable and accessible location data is critical for the modern digital economy to take the guesswork out of the most foundational decisions. Using location data government can:

Interconnected government services backed by digital systems that are streamlined, secure and accessible are  the foundation for a strong and resilient nation. 

For programs to be more targeted and effective, government policies and services draw on data and analytics. Location data is an essential element in digitising the economy.  

Transformation within the government has accelerated developments in location data when combined with digitally enabled devices, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and machine learning providing a better understanding of consumer behaviour that can be used to transform operations and bring innovation. 

Governments are no longer waiting to respond to events. They’re tactically preparing for disasters to ensure they deliver effectively and efficiently when needed. Location intelligence helps to achieve this and more. 

Strategies for all jurisdictions point to the need for decision-making to be human-driven, informed and connected by data. 

Location data offers insights into worldwide trends, patterns or risks, while also adding depth to information about the people who live in certain locations.

Location Data intelligence across departments and agencies

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Improve Public Health Outcomes 

When combined with health trend data, location intelligence informs policymakers about the programs required in a particular location, making targeting of support services or community education campaigns more efficient and trackable. 

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Plan for future growth 

Determine priority enrolment areas, assess educational performance and plan for growth by understanding location-specific data. 

 For day-to-day practicalities, use address verification to ensure data collected at student enrolment is accurate. 

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Visualise infrastructure needs 

Understand the changes in transport requirements, determine the roads or rail lines that require maintenance, identify areas of congestion, and monitor trends in public movement.  

You can use Digital Twins to provide a digital representation of a physical asset, such as a motorway. 

Location intelligence for Energy and Utilities


Understand environmental risks 

Understand trends in weather, and help in recovery efforts for the regions badly impacted. You can create an immediate emergency response to get people to safety and assess infrastructure damage, provide welfare support and optimise ongoing planning needs with location intelligence.  

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Emergency Management

Reduce response time 

Location data underpins the full lifecycle of emergency management – Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Relief and Resilience —fuelling analytics and models to understand what is happening now – who and what could be impacted and what the consequence is. 

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Drive green policies 

Use detailed high-definition 3D models and design concepts of a specific site for an interactive public consultation process. Create foundations for sustainable planning and drive green policies by identifying urban heat islands, locations for renewable energy sources and more.

Location intelligence for government

Policy Development

Create policies that reflect the public need 

Use spatial data to support thorough risk assessments, test new concepts and approaches, and track long-term change. Adjust policies to better reflect public needs and preferences, and factor in local demographic, employment or transport trends. 

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Service Delivery

Deliver holistic services 

Shape policies, infrastructure and services. Use accurate location data to connect with other non-government organisations, and other jurisdictions to reduce duplication of effort and deliver holistic services. 

Scale and reduce time with Location Intelligence

Grant management

Grant management and compliance

Setting up grant processes based on clear parameters can streamline each round. Check compliance by matching address details with other datasets before an application is accepted, reducing the burden of assessing non-eligible applicants. Other compliance activities can also be streamlined. Automate processes to improve efficiencies for staff and stakeholders.



Geoscape products

Geoscape Data Products

Our products such as Geoscape Buildings, Addresses and Land Parcels provide a digital representation across Australia’s 7.6 million km2.

Geoscape Delivery Services and APIs

Ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date address data, add address autocomplete to your forms and access ready-to-use buildings data. 

Geoscape Custom Data Solution

Get the flexibility to access specific, reliable and valuable location data tailored to your needs. You can access the spatial data you need, when you need it. 

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