Streamline digital experience

Technology and data have streamlined the digital experience for retail customers. Savvy ‘omnichannel’ shoppers expect a smooth transaction both in-store and online.

Reliable and accurate location data helps the retail and e-commerce industry make more strategic decisions for business information systems, fulfilment and logistics processes and to increase customer loyalty.

Be it understanding how much time a customer spends in stores, how frequently they visit the store or just to better optimise the layout to maximise efficiency – spatial technique and data can enable the new age retailer to add value to their operations. 

Get the power of location intelligence for retail and e-commerce. 

Use Geospatial solutions to:

Better understand and target the right customers

Plan and optimise store locations

Improve your sustainability efforts

Streamline online transactions with accurate locations

Data-driven decision making

Drive fulfilment and logistics processes with location data

Optimise supply chain management

Smart location intelligence for data-driven insights

supply chain optimisation

Supply chain optimisation and store location planning

Distribution models differ for retailers, with some creating distribution centres to enable swift fulfilment and delivery. By understanding the best location for these centres, retailers can increase profits and drive supply chain efficiency. Analysing customer location data – both in-store and online – is central to determining the optimal locations for stores within retailer networks. 

Location intelligence for Energy and Utilities

Meet environment and sustainability goals 

With customers expecting a greener outlook from retailers on their net-zero emission journey, some store networks are rolling out solar panels on their buildings. Australia has the highest solar radiation per m2 than any other continent and our data is essential to understanding the presence of commercial solar panels, as well as determining potential obstructions from other buildings or trees. Geoscape Solar can help you take the guesswork out of locating solar panels. 

Location intelligence for government

Exceed customer expectations 

In a competitive landscape, your customers expect a consistent and personalised shopping experience. By understanding your customer needs using data-driven insights and analysis, you can tailor your communication, manage supply chains and streamline your customer’s experience. Address validation using reliable location data is particularly important in retail, with customers quick to move to another brand if their online experience isn’t a positive one. The most reliable and trusted address data makes ordering online via autofill more efficient and ensures packages arrive at the right destination. 

Data driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions

Using the latest and most accurate location data, retailers can analyse spending habits by postcode and explore fluctuations in demand. 

Customer patterns and insights are at the heart of managing supply and demand for a more efficient business operation. Bulk validation of customer records also enables historical customer data to be geo-enabled for advanced location analytics. 

Enabling better customer experiences with Location Intelligence

Competitive analysis

Retailers can use location intelligence to learn more about the competitive landscape in a particular area. Armed with information around location and the performance of competing stores, retailers can learn more about market saturation, pricing strategies, and consumer preferences for that area and create specific strategies for each store. 

Scale and reduce time with Location Intelligence

Inventory management

Optimising inventory by analysing the demand pattern of a particular region can be beneficial for retailers to ensure they have the right stock at the right time, thus reducing wastage and improving profitability.  

Retailers can use inventory data and other specific data underlined with location data to gain a better understanding.

Geoscape products

Geoscape Data Products

Our products such as Geoscape Buildings, Addresses, Land Parcels and Transport provide a digital representation across Australia’s 7.6 million km2

Geoscape Delivery Services and APIs

Ensure the most accurate and daily updated address data, add address autocomplete to your forms and access ready-to-use buildings data.

Geoscape Custom Data Solution

Get the flexibility to access specific, reliable, and valuable location data tailored to your use. You can access daily updated spatial data you need – when you need it.

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