Geospatial solutions 

Australia has a mature and competitive telecommunications industry. Mobile, fixed wireless and radio frequency (RF) communications provide the backbone for communicating voice, text and data for several applications and industries. 

Reliable and accurate location data is central to the telecommunications industry’s decision-making, especially around: 

– Precise asset maintenance and network planning
– A
ccurate virtual modelling 
– Clarity about obstructions and coverage 

Use smart location data to drive innovation around

Trend mapping and visualisation with location intelligrence

Accurate RF modelling 

In response to the evolution of mobile technologies and higher frequency bands, advanced RF modelling is necessary to meet customer expectations for coverage. Typically, higher frequency bands are impacted by environmental conditions – with 4G and 5G RF signals absorbed, reflected or scattered by surrounding structures. Accurate location data, or clutter data sets, offer granular detail on trees, other vegetation and buildings to help you develop propagation models for site placement, antenna configuration and RF frequency. Our partner, Precisely, used Geoscape data to undertake RF modelling for Telstra’s 5G network. 

Location intelligence for government

Customer data integrity 

In a competitive landscape, your customers expect services where and when they need them. By understanding your customer needs using location insights and analysis, you can plan for more strategic services, offer self-service coverage maps and streamline your customer’s experience. Address validation using reliable location data is just one way to automate and optimise the customer experience. Reduce manual errors using predictive addresses, safely verify customer identity to avoid fraud, and batch cleanse historic address data for greater accuracy. Vodafone uses Geoscape for address verification and batch cleansing. 

development opportunities

Fixed wireless modelling 

Use location insights to accurately predict buildings within coverage areas with address points to determine eligibility. You can also identify the primary residence building on a property or the optimum placement or configuration of antennae on buildings. Avoid obstructions such as trees and tall buildings that impact fixed wireless installation complexity by using accurate and high-resolution geospatial data. 

Fixed wireless modelling 

Asset planning and maintenance 

Use location data to underpin your telecommunications network design, planning, maintenance activities or potential expansion. Embed valuable field maintenance updates into corporate reports. Geospatial insights can support modelling in Digital Twin environments for data-driven decision-making. 

Network security

Network security 

By analysing the location of network traffic, telecommunication companies can detect anomalies in real time and respond to potential security breaches. These threats can be identified before they occur, and proactive measures can be taken to prevent them. Another way to prevent network threats is to set up geofencing around critical network infrastructure which can be done with location intelligence. 

Aerial view of buildings with location pins

Location-based services 

Services such as navigation, real-time traffic information, location-based advertising, emergency services, location-based customer services and proximity-based information, can be provided using location data. 

Telecommunication companies can use all this to enhance their customer experience, increase revenue, and improve operational efficiency. 

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