Benefits of address geocoding

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Location analysis & customer insights

Speed up spatial analysis and make it easier to derive actionable insights from customer address data with Geoscape’s sophisticated address geocoding API.

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Reduced costs

Optimise your services based on customers’ geocodes to reduce costs and make the most out of your budget. Know where money will be best spent based on location insights.

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Improved workflow

Plot your customers on a map with geocoded address data and use this intel to streamline operations. For example, a goods company, seeing their spread of customers, may decide to transport products via electric bikes instead of trucks.

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Clean customer databases

Translate address data into precise coordinates of latitude and longitude to ensure an accurate & comprehensive customer database. Good data is the first step to actionable insights.

>50,000 = the number of address changes across Australia in the last 3 months, resulting in:


potential issues validating a customer’s address


possibilities for customer frustration and loss of business


potential delays and cost in time and resources

Address lookup features

Experts in geocoding & location data

Geoscape is a leading provider of national geocoded address data, backed by Australia’s governments and trusted by companies across the continent.

Trustworthy data

With a dataset of over 17 million addresses updated daily from reputable sources including G-NAF, you can feel confident in the accuracy and reliability of our address geocoding APIs.

Easy integration

Geoscape’s address geocoding APIs integrate quickly into web and mobile applications.

  • "Make sure the decisions you make are relevant to the community, you need the numbers and spatial information for what’s happening on the ground.”

    – Dr Greg Windsor - NSW Government
  • "The benefit of the API is we don’t have to touch the source data – all changes including geographic boundaries are done for us."

    – Janine Young - Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

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