Support complex business system and workflows

When it comes to location intelligence, it’s not only about bringing accurate, reliable and sophisticated data to life, but also ensuring the data integrates into and supports more complex business systems and workflows. It’s about ensuring the right data is available in the right format at the right time.

We can help you in your journey to build tools that combine the location dataset with insights such as aerial mapping technology or environmental information to bring forth meaningful patterns and more.

Using our location data system integrators can:

– help customers discover insights,

– make informed decisions with location intelligence

– drive relevant change, and

– support customers at any point in their geospatial journey.

Location intelligence for System Integrators

Scale and reduce time with Location Intelligence

Scale, reduce time and configure tools

Location intelligence with continuously updated data allows the modern-day organisation to scale, configure the tools needed while reducing the time it takes. Our partners like Archistar, Finity, REA and OneMap use location data to do exactly that. They have been using location intelligence to create solutions that benefit their clients. For example, Finity’s proprietary risk scores deep-dive into crucial information about an address and its surrounding hazards. 



Enabling better customer experiences with Location Intelligence

Enabling better customer experiences

You can enhance customer experience and engagement by offering them personalised services and location data makes it possible.  

Location-specific information can be used to create better interactions with customers and provide them with personalised offers.


Trend mapping and visualisation with location intelligrence

Trend mapping and visualisation

When location data is combined with real-time trend mapping and simple visualisation, it provides an understanding of how consumers move around helping retail chains respond to customer needs by tailoring their services. Similarly, when used by platforms like Uber, users see where their drivers are in real-time. 

Additionally, real-time insights and analytics help organizations gain the business intelligence they need for digital transformation. 

How are partners use our data

Location data with Geoscape


Geoscape data flows throughout Equifax products which include self-serve batch and API solutions, campaign management and analysis services and customised consulting projects with in-depth custom segmentation, modelling and brand tracking. 

Location data with Geoscape


Precisely uses high-quality Geoscape data inputs to develop or enhance industry-ready products. Precisely simplifies data models, adds and blends additional rich information, provides additional linkages to other datasets and incorporates modelled information to increase completeness. Precisely data products are plug-and-play ready and deliver increased value out of the box for many industry uses. 

Location data with Geoscape


Using Geoscape, MetroMap provides access to data insights linked to Australia-wide buildings & property cadastres. 

The Geoscape Buildings & Cadastre layers within MetroMap offer insightful details linked to property features such as solar panels, pools, roofs, and other property planning information. 

Build solutions using location intelligence


Geoscape provided a service that could scale at a moment’s notice, with security safeguards in place in the case of a potential distributed denial of service (DDoS) event. 1.9 million self-service transactions were completed using Geoscape Address Auto Complete and Validation capability. 


Covid Border Pass

Geoscape provided nationally consistent location data in the form of ready-to-use APIs for  

the creation of the COVID-19 Border Pass. This a testimony to how location-based API can help create a scalable solution for the national good. The border pass was built off the common national address source, not individual copies of the data and was supported by scalable APIs. 

ost accurate and up-to-date address data, add address autocomplete to your forms and access ready-to-use buildings data. 

NSW Point

Real-time location data provides invaluable information for Australian communities, especially before and during emergencies such as flood or fire prevention, response and recovery. By deriving data visualisation to assess the impact of flood or bushfire at a particular location, the response agency can plan better. 

Geoscape Products

Geoscape Data Products

Our products such as Geoscape Buildings, Addresses and Land Parcels provide a digital representation across Australia’s 7.6 million km2

Geoscape Delivery Services and APIs

Ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date address data, add address autocomplete to your forms and access ready-to-use buildings data.

Geoscape Custom Data Solution

Get the flexibility to access specific, reliable and valuable location data tailored to your needs. You can access the spatial data you need, when you need it.

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