The Postcode Boundaries dataset is the definitive set of Australian postcodes and their geographic boundaries.

It enables a wide range of spatial aggregation and analysis activities, including the visualisation of postcode areas.

Postcodes are integral to mailing addresses. They’re allocated to geographic areas to facilitate the efficient processing and delivery of mail.

The dataset includes two data layers:

  • Postcode boundaries (polygon data)
  • Postcode centroids (point data)


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What is the Postcode Boundaries dataset used for?


Combine social, demographic, economic and environmental data with Postcode Boundaries to build profiles of suburbs and wider areas.

Targetted Marketing

Pinpoint and verify addresses within a boundary to reduce data duplication and increase database accuracy.

Emergency Response

Use the data in conjunction with G-NAF to verify addresses for 000 calls and help reduce response times.

Location Finder

Show internet or smartphone users services in their nearest suburb.

Policy Development

Establish a framework for demographic and socio-economic analysis to inform government policy development.

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  • Shape – Esri™
  • MapInfo TAB
  • Oracle 11g Data Pump



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