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Exciting session and workshop at Locate23


Wednesday, 10 May 2023 | City Room 4, Adelaide Convention Centre 

Turn your location-based ideas into action with APIs by Esther van Praag, Solutions Consultant, Geoscape Australia

Explore the power of location data in this 60-minute interactive workshop led by Geoscape experts. You’ll learn how to harness the full potential of location services through a practical demonstration. Using Geoscape APIs, you’ll discover how to identify and model the insights of an address. From locating the address to identifying existing information on linked buildings, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to turn your location-based ideas into action.

Attendees will be able to build their own webpage using Geoscape APIs and discuss the potential for what else you can do with APIs. The workshop concludes with a Q&A session where Geoscape answers any questions on the activity or how to use location data in different scenarios. Join us and unlock the potential of API and take your location-based ideas to the next level.

Workshop resources:

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Geoscape Developer portal

Geoscape Developer documentation

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Friday, 12 May 2023 | Hall L, Adelaide Convention Centre

The power of place: understanding the economic impact of location on business and government by Michael Dixon, Geoscape Australia & Gene Tunny, Lateral Economics

As an industry, we are constantly being challenged to demonstrate the value of what we achieve, even though the location capability we collectively deliver underpins vital functions across the economy.

We commissioned a study through lateral economics to demonstrate the value of G-NAF towards the economy. This presentation will showcase the framework to ascribe a value, speak to the actual value and highlight use cases feeding into the research.

We would close by pointing to what should be next (i.e. continuing to create national location capability) and shape these points around our renewed value proposition, which will be broader than just G-NAF.


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A digital representation of every building in Australia – currently 16 million+.


Every physical address in Australia – more than 15.2 million addresses.


Get access to photovoltaic solar panels around Australia. 


Geoscape Transport incorporates Roads, Rail and Airports datasets.

Surface Features

Geoscape Surface Features describe what’s on the surface of the earth at a location.


The G-NAF dataset contains all physical addresses in Australia.

G-NAF Core

G-NAF Core makes accessing geocoded addresses easier. It provides the core richness and power of G-NAF in a comprehensive, but easy-to-use format.

Postcode Boundaries

The Postcode Boundaries dataset is the definitive set of Australian postcodes and their geographic boundaries.

Administrative Boundaries

Geoscape Administrative Boundaries is Australia’s most comprehensive national collection of boundaries, including government, statistical and electoral boundaries.

Land Parcels

Geoscape Land Parcels includes Cadastre, Property, Planning and Planning Insights datasets for a complete picture of land information in Australia.

Planning Insights

Part of Land Parcels, Geoscape Planning Insights is aggregated and enhanced planning information about the development potential of land across Australia.

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Geoscape Delivery Services and APIs Catalogue

Transform your customer experience with Australia’s most accurate and regularly updated location data and APIs.

Our powerful APIs, built upon G-NAF and G-NAF live, offer a range of address services to verify, validate, cleanse, and geocode data


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