Callpoint Spatial

Callpoint Spatial is an Australian company with demonstrated expertise and innovation in the geospatial arena. Its customers range from small businesses to government and large national enterprises.

Callpoint Spatial is an Australian based supplier of value-added Geoscape spatial datasets, Australia Post PAF datasets, Geocoder (a proven, in-house developed platform designed for Australian addresses) and AQ Pro (a telco–focused sales and marketing platform).

Callpoint Spatial has provided a range of spatial resources to industry over the past 20 years. The company support industries including telecoms, real estate, government, professional services, infrastructure, resources, tertiary research and education in Australia.


Callpoint Spatial’s 20 years of spatial experience encompasses:

  • 45 Australian telcos and numerous enterprises across a range of other sectors,
  • Actively worked with GNAF since its 2004 launch and have used it in numerous customer deliverables and the foundation for its Geocoder,
  • The first Geoscape reseller to license it’s then brand new Buildings dataset (to a wireless telco) ahead of the 2016 launch.


The company expertise is built on:

  • in-depth technical understanding
  • data integration skills
  • in-house designed spatial data production platform
  • third party data knowledge
  • licensing experience


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Geoscape datasets that Callpoint Spatial license include:

  • Buildings, Surface Cover & Trees
  • Cadastre & Property
  • Roads
  • Greenspace, Hydro, Rail & Airports
  • G-NAF
  • Postcode Boundaries
  • Localities, LGAs & Mesh Blocks
  • Administrative Boundaries

How Geoscape data is used

Callpoint Spatial provides Geoscape and its enhanced spatial datasets to:

  • Customers using data for their internal business purposes,
  • Businesses that embed spatial data into products/ services they license to their customers. These businesses are known as Secondary Product Partners.


The company licenses Geoscape datasets, its own value-added editions, and customisations (including those from third parties). Examples of our value-added editions include:

  • a Roads Hierarchy or Buildings Residential attribute added to G-NAF
  • G-NAF address information added to Cadastre
  • an Australia Post PAF DPID added to G-NAF.

Supported file formats include:

  • GIS such as Shapefile, File Geodatabase and TAB
  • Databases such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server backup.


Geoscape data that the company has embedded in its own products & services.

  • Callpoint Spatial offers an in-house developed GNAF based geocoder that they’ve continued to refine since 2004.
  • The company offers an AQ Pro telco platform that they’ve continued to enhance since 2002. AQ Pro uses GNAF and numerous telco specific datasets in an integrated package geared for B2B telcos.

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