Engineering a sustainable future for Australia.

Mondo help businesses and communities make sense of what’s possible, then plan and deliver solutions to keep everyone ahead of the rapidly changing landscape. From connecting Australia’s largest wind farms to the grid, helping maintain water and gas networks or assisting regional communities to achieve their energy goals, Mondo improves the way things flow today, then seek ways to do this even better tomorrow. 


Mondo’s Expertise



Mondo is a key provider in building, operating, mapping, and maintaining infrastructure for the utility, transport and government sectors.


Comprehensive multi-utility metering services | Energy solutions to generate, manage, store and share energy | Fully accredited gas appliance testing.


Pioneering community mini-grids and regional energy hubs that empower homes and businesses to generate, manage, store and share energy.

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How Geoscape data is used?

Geoscape data used as basemaps and as points of reference in conjunction with the specialist data our customers work with. These customers include advertising agencies, energy businesses and government agencies.


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