National Property Data

Australian property data, for Australian property professionals, by a 100% Australian-owned company.

National Property Data is driven by data but powered by people. The company is working in the property industry, providing quality property data for over 20 years. Its people are on a mission to create a better property experience for everyone, by providing innovative products, backed by great service.

National Property Data is nimble, supportive, collaborative, and is based right here in Australia.

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How Geoscape data is used?

Powering market insights

With a reputation for accuracy, National Property Data’s platform draws on a range of sources, including Valuer-General Sales dating back to 1986.

Updated weekly and offering comprehensive sales history, National Property Data has more than 4 million property records, 40 million property images, Google Maps and Street View imagery, and the ability to save searches and export data.

Covering current and historic ‘for sale’ and rental listings, property records include listing descriptions, images, agency details and pricing and listing information over time.

Driving leading mapping delivery

National property Data’s Property Mapping is known for its excellence and innovation.

A leader in the market, Mapping is fully integrated with the company’s up-to-date and accurate property sales and market data.

Search directly from the map to see property information, images and property dimensions, and overlay selected layers to produce a map that perfectly meets your needs.

Building CMAs that win listings

Need a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that demonstrates your expertise and helps you win listings?

National Property Data’s CMA – produced and customised with just a few clicks – introduces you, your agency, and your specialist industry knowledge to a seller.

It includes detailed information about the property locality and current market trends and creates a robust foundation from which to justify property pricing and exemplify to the seller, that you are the agent of choice.

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