NAVIGATE is a full access reseller and a Cloud Silver Certified Partner. NAVIGATE reformat, restructure, filter and combine data from Geoscape Australia and other suppliers into datasets ready for use in all the mainstream Geographic Information System (GIS) software and spatial database products.

In the case of complex geospatial database structures, the data includes the underlying model and DDL. Supported structures include ESRI shape and SDC files and personal/file-based/SDE geodatabase, Oracle Spatial, MapInfo tab files, Autodesk, MicroStation and Intergraph GeoMedia.

As a primary, full access value-added reseller, NAVIGATE is able to provide the geospatial data to both end-users and secondary distributors who want to incorporate the data in their products for on-sale direct to the public.

Composite datasets: In addition to Geoscape data, NAVIGATE combines and re-markets other commercial datasets in a variety of formats. These include:

  • Over 800,000 geocoded business records.
  • 1,500 geocoded shopping centre records.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics datasets, including Census information when released.
  • Lifestyle segmentation and household spending; and
  • Household and consumer data.


All this information is geocoded by NAVIGATE, as required, and made available in national, regional and thematic selections. NAVIGATE not only adds value to Geoscape data but look for ways to help its clients get the maximum benefit from their data and spatial technology.

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How Geoscape data is used?

NAVIGATE developed AusAddress, the first geocoder based solely on G-NAF points.

AusAddress is an ArcGIS extension that uses ESRI’s built-in geocoder. It includes customised configuration files to interpret Australian address syntax and conventions such as ‘202/10-12 Clarke St’ and a set of tools to simplify the location and identification of addresses. It has single and bulk geocoding capability as well as the ability to display the address of a user’s mouse click in the ArcMap window.

NAVIGATE can also geocode your addresses as a cost-effective service if required.


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