OneMap, the property intelligence & site finding platform, is a market-leading mapping and analytics web-based tool customised for the Australian property and planning community.

Built over 5 years, OneMap contains unique information on over 4.5 million properties in metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Geelong, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Ballarat. OneMap is adding value and bringing significant efficiencies to participants in the property and planning industries by providing them with a vast array of complex data within a single visualisation and interactive platform.

OneMap, through its expert team of GIS and Developer professionals, is able to aggregate a diverse range of property datasets and display them geospatially in a way that is fast, powerful and easy to use.



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How Geoscape data is used?

The integration of Geoscape building height, tree cover and property boundary data inside OneMap complements its existing datasets and makes the OneMap offering more compelling to its clients and prospects.


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