SA1 Property

SA1 Property is a leading provider of location intelligence, analysis and data for Australia’s industrial property markets.

Providing an industrial property analysis platform underpinned by the latest market, building, planning, infrastructure, transport and demographic data, SA1 Property’s platform provides:

  • A holistic view of the market; all the data to understand the market is in one place.
  • Latest data; SA1 Property data is constantly updated and refreshed to provide the most current view of the market.
  • Configurable tools to analyse, leverage, and simplify data based on user needs.
  • Time-saving; efficient and easy to use by anyone.
  • Built on industry-leading technology; visualise, query, filter and analyse data through themes and user-defined parameters.


By capturing industrial market and property data, combining and analysing it with transport and demographic data, SA1 Property provides a complete market source of truth.

With extensive experience in both the property and spatial industries, SA1 Property ensures its clients are successful by using the platform. The company expertise has been built into its customisable platform providing:

  • Transaction expertise and understanding; analyse lease and sales data across the market.
  • Owners / Occupiers: the most complete database of owners and occupiers in the industrial property market.
  • Analysis for industrial building and property procurement, warehousing, transportation and location.
  • Network analysis for access, routing, distribution and last-mile delivery.
  • Analysis of demographic considerations such as access to households, workforce distribution and transport considerations.


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How Geoscape data is used?

SA1 Property uses Geoscape property and building data as a foundation within its platform, ensuring they have the best and most comprehensive market picture.


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