Sciens is a data science practice, specialising in B2B geospatial marketing and analytics delivering commercial property solar viability solutions.

Sciens was founded in 2017 by a group of data science professionals who have extensive experience in designing and constructing analytical solutions.

Sciens collect, clean, enrich, transform and model data to provide customer solutions, then translate those findings into easy to consume business insights that can be integrated with existing business technologies.

Sciens services pivot around four core offerings:

  • Strategic analytics advisory services
  • Data Science (AI and Machine Learning)
  • Data management
  • Managed analytics


Since its inception, Sciens has expanded its partner networks, created a number of unique data assets and built a portfolio of diverse solution offerings that differentiate us from other organisations in the same industry.

Sciens specialise in the curation of data delivering innovative solutions across B2B sales, marketing and channel execution to increase revenue and ROI.

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How Geoscape data is used?

Geoscape data is a key asset in the delivery of the Sciens B2B Solar Viability solution. Key features include:

  • Proprietary algorithm for address parsing.
  • Data enrichment for geospatial data analytics and insights.
  • Commercial data on industry sectors, locations, properties, buildings and businesses across Australia.
  • Integrated geospatial database that brings together commercial lead generation, sales/market intelligence and an unprecedented level of data aggregation for the solar B2B market, and
  • Purpose-built specifically to address the needs of the solar service providers in obtaining revenue either indirectly through insight or directly as a result of lead generation.

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