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Cadastre is a spatial representation of all cadastral parcels defined by the state and territory governments of Australia. Geoscape’s Cadastre dataset aggregates the complex representations unique to each jurisdiction into a consistent, seamless representation of the cadastral fabric of Australia. By combining the Lot, Strata, Stratum, and Road plans Geoscape’s Cadastral data enables you to view the boundaries and associated attributes of these features in addition to providing linkages to jurisdiction Land Registries.


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Geoscape is a trusted planning zone data provider. Geoscape’s Planning data provides information about the type of development that may occur at a location and details all the national planning zone codes. It also aggregates this information across state, territory and local governments, and assigns a national planning zone attribute so you can ensure consistency. Data source and URL attributes make it easy for you to locate the relevant state or local government planning authority if you require further information on site restrictions or permitted activities.

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Geoscape’s Property data is a seamless national representation of Australia’s property parcels. Property enables you to gauge a full understanding of land boundaries on both a local and broad scale, and hone in on non-overlapping properties. To unlock further powerful insights, you can connect Property to the Cadastre dataset and access a complete understanding of the structure of complex land holdings and information for rates issuance management.

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Save time & boost productivity

Whether your goal is to power projects and processes, or to create your own location-based solution, with Geoscape’s accessible, easy-to-use cadastre, planning zone and property data, you can reduce manual labour and increase productivity!

Cut costs & improve efficiency

By leveraging Geoscape Land Parcels to fuel your projects, processes or products, you can significantly reduce costs in certain areas and improve overall efficiency.

Improve decision making

Location-based analysis can reveal illuminating insights for businesses and fuel predictive analysis.  With access to Geoscape’s comprehensive, reliable Land Parcels, you can make better, more informed business decisions, faster!

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Why customers prefer Geoscape Land Parcels

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Complete picture of property

With Geoscape Land Parcels, you can access a complete geospatial representation of land parcel boundaries across Australia. It’s your choice whether to access full states or select just the area you need for a ready to use base for your next project.

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Wide range of integrations

With Geoscape Land Parcels, you can easily integrate various other datasets to boost value. For example, you can connect Cadastre to the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) or use it in conjunction with Geoscape Buildings, Property and Planning data.

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Reliable data, trustworthy sources

No longer rely on uniting multiple sources to get the property data you need. With Geoscape Land Parcels you can access nationally consistent cadastre, planning zone and property data all in the same place, from a single source.

Don't just take our word for it

  • “At Aerometrex, our aim has always been to work with the best industry partners, such as Geoscape, to create spatial analytics that can serve our customers through the MetroMap platform. Geoscape’s prompt response to support our analytics post the NSW floods shows their commitment and alignment to our ethos. With their help, we were able to add cadastral and building information to our data and the CEMS flood overlays, providing valuable insights for large enterprise and government customers.”

    – Ellie Zoghi, Ex-Strategic Partner Manager, Aerometrex

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