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Whether your goal is to power projects and processes, or to create your own location-based solution, with Geoscape’s easy-to-use GIS data you can spend less time gathering data and more time generating powerful insights. Reduce manual labour and increase productivity!

Cut costs & improve efficiency

By leveraging Geoscape’s sophisticated GIS data to fuel your projects, processes or products, you can significantly reduce costs in certain areas and improve overall efficiency.

Improve decision making

Location-based analysis can reveal illuminating insights for businesses and fuel predictive analysis. With access to Geoscape’s comprehensive, reliable GIS data, you can make better, more informed business decisions, faster!

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Australia-wide spatial data

Geoscape’s GIS data covers the entire Australian continent. Wherever your area of interest, Geoscape has it covered – no matter how big or small. Geoscape delivers a clear picture of our complex cities, regional centres and rural communities across Australia’s 7.692 million square kilometres.

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Consistently Formatted

Geoscape gathers data from multiple, reputable sources before putting it through our quality control process to aggregate, standardise and validate the source data to deliver consistently formatted spatial data, ready to use in your preferred software.

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Reliable data, trustworthy sources

Overcome the challenge of combining data sources fragmented by region and type. Get comprehensive data from Geoscape. With a dataset of over 15 million+ addresses continually updated from over 100 reputable sources including from state and territory governments of Australia, you can feel confident in the accuracy and reliability of our GIS data.

Don't just take our word for it

  • "The scale of the recent NSW flood disaster made it extremely difficult to identify and assist individual people who have been affected on a case-by-case basis. The analytics our team generated, using flood extents from CEMS alongside MetroMap imagery and data sets from our partner, Geoscape, helped highlight properties and specific buildings that could potentially be impacted. This is an outstanding example of the power of geospatial insights and collaboration in assisting the reconstruction and recovery process, within days of receiving satellite data."

    – Mark Deuter, Former Managing Director, Aerometrex

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